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Department Stores Essay Example for Free

Department Stores Essay Nundies a unique brand of stockings introduced to the market fall 2006. The item to be sold at women’s boutique and specialty shops as well as 10 Neiman Marcus department stores throughout 40 states. Management problem did not seem to be the distribution of the new item in which they shipped out 11, 383 units of Nundies to stores through December 2007 and sold 2007 units online. A unit of Nundies consisted of a package of 5 liners. Nudies is a single use disposable panty that sticks to the inseam of womans pants, leggings, athletic wear, shorts, and jeans. Management seemed to have a difficult time trying to figure out the right strategy to use in an effort to increase the overall repurchase order rate in order to increase the company objective of sales and profits for the 2008 fiscal year. As a note there are other areas that present a problem for the company as well. A.) repurchasing orders are not meeting the goals set, B.) The company also noticed that reorders were only about 10% of the total units sold, C) The online purchases were viewed as a positive, however it was not used frequent enough to measure reorder, D.) One big issue was the amount of panty liners per package, E) The staff at the retail strores thought that Nundies would sell themselves. This was a clear example of communication breakdown. E) To add to the communication issue the sales personnel were not trained to educate the consumer about the product or to even suggest trying the product. F) The other issue that seem to be of big concern was that the displays were getting lost in the stock rooms. Jones 2 Fact: Nundies generated 60% of sales from their largest customer which was Nieman Marcus however low re-order. The company first focus on its marketing concept: How they were going to deliver the new product from its current product lines. The unique idea of required development capabilities into consumer based solutions primarily medical markets and the use of the item for one single use. The product cost per item was .60, One package of panty liners was set at 5per package at $15. The cost to make the plastic container was roughly 0.45 cents. In 2006 Nundies began to run ads in magazines, they distributed throughout New York city based retail buyers, and promotions with gift bags for women for celebrity events. In 2007 the distribution coverage among customers in boutiques and showrooms set up by manufacturer agents organization with product information. The company decided to provide a commission to the sales people at 12% on the wholesale price with a minimum order of 36 packages. The company spent $800,000 on media and print ads and online sales accounted for 385 units wich is roughly around $4275, and store purchases resulted in a minimum of 252 with net profit equaling 850,000. Alternative Courses of Action Nundies can continue to be developed for the women’s wear and specialty stores. The advantage for the company is cost at 14-400 the disadvantage is there was no buy in to keep the reliance on manufacturers agent organization to recruit stores through store show rooms. A second alternative would be to pursue upscale stores accounts, by doing this the company can market via ads, point of sales display and ad plans could be presented, the ability to produce and deliver product in the right quantity and document it. Centralize 300 stores and decentralize 350 stores. The disadvantage is that all the stores would have different merchandise buying practices Jones 3 as well as line fees, warehouse fees, settlement fees, catalogue fees, cooperative ad allowance ( fees are based on annual sales with estimated cost of 35k to 55k). Option 3 Mid level department stores I believe a positive would be centralized (1,793), same costs per size as the 5 upscale department stores. The disadvantage would be to lower the cost via different brand names and packaging (7 per pkg with paper packaging), different price 8 for $10. The fourth alternative positive would be to using different channels by which could be a positive if the company maintains the ability to produce and deliver product in the right quantity and documented also centralize all sales across the board. The company’s target group resulted in woman from 15-60 with an average  income of 25 or more 6% of 18 year old woman surveyed ( 18-45) 84% of woman are interested. 81% yes to products that provide hygiene and benefits of a panty 36% yes to no panty lines and hygiene, 29% will use the item 2-3 times a week, while 35% 3 to 5 times, 19% would likely use the product 6 times a week 17% occasionally. The variances were really shifty when examining where would one likely shop the Nundies of those polled the stats were 38% would shop at an upscale store 49% Mid level department store, 64% Mass department stores and 28% specialty store and 41% online. This all said I truly believe price does matter and the Nundies would likely see more re-orders if they would seek a lower price point or increase the quantity per package. The other target is that Nundies as I see it would likely work well in the fitness stores.

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Gallup Poles :: essays research papers

In 1935 a man named George Gallup of Jefferson, Iowa founded and became director of the American Institute for Public Opinion. He is best know for his Gallup Poles which till this day serve as the most respected public opinion surveys on politics. Before all major elections in this country Gallup Poles are conducted to get a firm sense of who is voting for which candidate and often why. Now with out any question the poles themselves are a great tool for politicians in order to gauge where and how hard they need to campaign. In addition it also provides many Americans with a good perspective of how the nation thinks and where they’re beliefs fall in relation to. Those are too benefits to the Gallup Pole, now the question remains, is the government too responsive to public opinion and do polls drive the agenda? However I think it’s a better question to ask if the government can be â€Å"too responsive† to public opinion and if it is bad if polls drive the agenda? First and foremost I believe that the only possible arguments against poles are that 1) they sometimes discourage voters and 2) they may have a little too much impact on the agenda. I believe one small reason for low voter turnout is because due to polls people feel as though they know who is going to win before the elections and don’t feel as though there vote would make a difference. But for the most part polls help out this country as long as their figures are true. We do live in a country ruled by the people and if the poles reflect the will of the people than I don’t see why politicians shouldn’t refer to them. It also makes politicians and their employees take stock of their stances on issues and their relationship with certain groups. For example if a republican woman running for Senator of New Jersey and she sees a pole stating that the majority of Asians don’t support her, she will try to figure out why that is and she will try to remedy the situ ation. Poles open some politicians eyes to some issues they may not know exist. For example say that woman found out that in past years the New Jersey republican party has not even addressed problems brought up by the Asian society and has totally ignored them.

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Keeping Pets

The disadvantages of keeping prairie dogs as pets far outweigh the advantages. But the cuteness factor of these unique creatures keep the pet trade moving along with more and more people wanting prairie dogs as pets. Before you take on one of these animals into your care, you should weigh all of the factors of ownership so there will be no surprises once the prairie dog is in your home. Advantages Without a doubt, the cuteness and uniqueness factors of the prairie dog are what interest people the most.Not very many people have prairie dogs so some individuals might get the thrill of having the only prairie dog or dogs in the neighborhood. Their sweet faces and rounded bodies are adorable which attract many to wanting to own one of these animals. Their compact size also means they don't take up a lot of space unlike larger animals such as dogs. Besides their constant need for companionship, care for the prairie dog is minimal. They require a clean cage, food and water, and toys for pl ay and exercise. They can be litter box trained and can be fed a high-quality rabbit pellet along with other vegetation.Disadvantages Some prairie dogs do adapt to captivity but not very often. They can become friendly and sociable with humans but when they don't bond with their owner, they can become stressed and bite. Because these are social creatures, they require a lot of attention from their owner. When left alone, prairie dogs can become depressed leading to behavioral problems. When prairie dogs are handled properly when young, they can socialize and become unique pets. However, many of these animals have been taken from their wild habitat and do not adjust to captivity.This causes many behavior issues such as depression and biting. Because prairie dogs chew, they can escape many types of cages and when loose in the house, they can cause quite a bit of damage. Prairie dogs can also carry diseases. An outbreak of monkeypox was noted in pet prairie dogs in 2003. Plague can als o be transmitted to humans through prairie dogs. The chance of this occurring is low however; cases of human plague have been reported to the CDC as a result of contact with prairie dogs. Finding a veterinarian that is knowledgeable with these animals can be difficult.If an owner is faced with a sick prairie dog, they may not have anyone who can diagnose the problem until it is too late. One of the biggest disadvantages of owning prairie dogs is the legality issue. Following the reported cases of monkeypox in 2003, laws were specifically made to ban the capture of wild prairie dogs and restrict the travel of existing captive prairie dogs. The new laws have made it illegal to move prairie dogs from one state to another or even within a state. Some states have made it illegal to own these animals. If you are planning on relocating, you have to receive special permission to do so.The law does allow owners to transport prairie dogs only in the case of seeking veterinary care or movement to a shelter to be euthanized. Overall, prairie dogs are not the best choices for pets. They should not be owned by someone who does not have the time to devote to their care and more importantly, they should not be purchased for children. The numbers of prairie dogs in the wild have steadily been declining in recent years. Many believe that should the promotion of prairie dogs as pets continue, their future could end up like the black-footed ferret – an animal which has reached near extinction in the wild.

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Essay on Silver Pavements Golden Roofs - 893 Words

Moving to America, for many, has been a reason for opportunity and prosperity. Through persistence, hard work and struggles, they pursue to find success in achieving the ‘American Dream’. One of the major struggles is maintaining one’s traditional values and their individuality while assimilating and not forgetting who he or she really is. The narrator, Jayanti, in â€Å"Silver Pavements, Golden Roofs†, by Chitra Divakaruni, illustrates a good example of how a person loses their individuality and self-identity to do whatever it takes to assimilate and fit into the society. From the beginning of the story, Jayanti shows signs of assimilation and acceptance, to become an American. Before reaching America, she promises to give herself a typical†¦show more content†¦Jayanti chooses to disregard her uncle which shows that all she wants is everything to happen the way she imagines. In addition, disappointment is another reason Jayanti choses to let assim ilation take over her self-identity. When she finally realizes that America is not as glamorous as she imagined, read about or saw in pictures, she feels disheartened. When she arrives, she looks forward in seeing, â€Å"neat red brick house with matching flowery drapes, the huge, perfectly mowed lawn green like it had been painted, the shiny concrete driveway on which sat two shiny motorcars†(73). However, she is greeted by a, â€Å"crowded [apartment] with faded, over stuffed sofas and rickety end tables that look like they’ve come from a larger place...the tiny room I am to occupy - it is the same size as my bathroom at home† (73,74). On the other hand, we get a clear picture of what Jayanti wants her life to be like. Her daydream of her â€Å"more exciting matters† in Modern Novel class gives readers a better understanding of her ‘American Dream’. In which she is wearing an ideal American private school clothing, with a typical American hair style, a handsome professor who falls in love with her and asks to marry her, unlike her Aunt, as she comments, â€Å"No arranged marriage like Aunt’s for me† (76). Finally, Jayanti’s first exposure to the world outside her Aunt’s house and the events that lead after, changes who she really is,Show MoreRelatedThe Impossible American Dream Essay1801 Words   |  8 PagesThe Impossible American Dream in Anzia Yezierskas â€Å"America and I,† Uncle and Jayanti from Chitra Divakarunis â€Å"Silver Pavements, Golden Roofs,† and Leon from Fae Myenne Ngs Bone. America has always been characterizedRead MoreEffective Communication in Relationships Essay586 Words   |  3 Pages According to the Project Survive presentation a healthy way to solve problems is to sit down and talk. While talking, each partner should respect each others feelings and remember not to pressure each other. Divakaruni says in Silver Pavements, Golden Roofs I have guilty feeling that aunt and uncle dont usually eat this way, and as we sit down I glance at uncle for confirmation. But he has already started on the food. He eats quickly and with concentration, without raising his head.Read MoreChitra Banerjee Divakarunis Arranged Marriage Essay2112 Words   |  9 Pagesbraving the opposition from her in-laws. The story â€Å"Silver Pavements and Golden Roofs† set in Chicago starts with Jayanti’s high expectations about America and apprehensions about her aunt and uncle with whom she wants to stay while pursuing higher studies. The title of the story is derived from her childhood dream song which reflects her ambitions. â€Å"Will I marry a prince from a far-off magic land, where the pavements are silver and the roofs all gold?† (46). Jayanti’s relationship with herRead More Use of Symbols in Yeatss Work, A Vision Essay3300 Words   |  14 Pagesfew and the multitude alike. The painter and the mosaic worker, the worker in gold and silver, the illuminator or sacred books, were almost impersonal, almost perhaps without the consciousness of individual design, absorbed in their subject-matter and that the vision of a whole people (Vision p. 279). Sailing to Byzantium expresses Yeats longing to become a part of Byzantine art, to return to life as a golden bird, who transcends the temporality of the natural world. However, he is quick to criticizeRead MoreOrganization Study @ Beml (Internship Report)11749 Words   |  47 PagesCompany by Construction World - NICMAR, 2007. It has emerged in the forefront of heavy engineering industry with a track record of growth and revenues for over four decades. For its innovative management practices the company has been awarded the Golden Peacock Innovation Management Aw ard. BEML has also been rated as The Fourth Largest Wealth Creator in the Country by Dalal Street Magazine. In keeping with the global technology trends, the company is setting up RD Centre of Excellence for ResearchRead MoreOrganisation Study of Acc Cement14377 Words   |  58 Pagestypes of buildings, bridges, culverts, roads, water retaining structures, etc. What is more, it surpasses BIS Specifications (IS 8112-1989 for 43 grade OPC) on compressive strength levels. ACC Cement is marketed in specially designed 50-kg bags with golden yellow bands along the sides. ii)53 Grade Cement (ACC Samrat): It is produced from high quality clinker ground with high purity gypsum. ACC 53 Grade OPC provides high strength and durability to structures because of its optimum particle size distributionRead MoreEssay on Fall of Asclepius95354 Words   |  382 Pagesbe used when absolutely necessary. The rioters appeared in the distance on the television screen. They slowly moved, dragging their feet, shuffling across the streets. The visibility of the rioters was distorted from the heat radiating off the pavement. Soldiers! Police! Line up and prepare to launch the tear gas grenades! The troops and police created a large line across the street. The soldiers in the front held grenade launchers. The crowd reached the designated distance of two hundredRead MoreAdidas Marketing Plan20779 Words   |  84 PagesThe†©adidas†©Group’s†©second†©largest†©global†©brand†©is†©Reebok,†©which†©also†©offers†©a†©range†© of†©products†©in†©footwear,†©apparel,†©accessories,†©equipment,†©and†©cardio.†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Its†©footwear†© department†©includes†©athletic†©shoes†©for†©all†©kinds†©of†©physical†©activity—walking,†©running†©on†© pavement,†©running†©on†©terrain,†©and†©every†©day.†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Footwear†©generally†©comes†©in†©sizes†©ranging†© from†©5†©to†©10.5†©for†©women,†©8†©to12†©forâ₠¬ ©men,†©and†©other†©customizable†©sizing.†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Each†©individual†© part†©of†©the†©shoe†©can†©be†©color†©customized†©as†©well†©(Reebok†©Shop).†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Ã¢â‚¬ © The†©apparel†©Reebok†©offers†©is†©very†©diverseRead MoreAdidas Marketing Plan20768 Words   |  84 PagesThe†©adidas†©Group’s†©second†©largest†©global†©brand†©is†©Reebok,†©which†©also†©offers†©a†©range†© of†©products†©in†©footwear,†©apparel,†©accessories,†©equipment,†©and†©cardio.†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Its†©footwear†© department†©includes†©athletic†©shoes†©for†©all†©kinds†©of†©physical†©activity—walking,†©running†©on†© pavement,†©running†©on†©terrain,†©and†©every†©day.†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©F ootwear†©generally†©comes†©in†©sizes†©ranging†© from†©5†©to†©10.5†©for†©women,†©8†©to12†©for†©men,†©and†©other†©customizable†©sizing.†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Each†©individual†© part†©of†©the†©shoe†©can†©be†©color†©customized†©as†©well†©(Reebok†©Shop).†©Ã¢â‚¬ ©Ã¢â‚¬ © The†©apparel†©Reebok†©offers†©is†©very†©diverseRead MoreThe Ballad of the Sad Cafe46714 Words   |  187 PagesMcCULLERS (1917-1967) When she was only twenty-three, Carson McCullers first novel, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, became a literary sensation. Since that time, her reputation has grown with every successive work. Such novels as Reflections In a Golden Eye, The Member of the Wedding and Clock Without Hands have won her comparison with such diverse masters as Melville, Flaubert and Faulkner -- which is to say: no critic has succeeded in easily capsulizing the full dimensions of her talent. Perhaps